Episodic Genius

occurring occasionally and at irregular intervals


Episodic Genius

Episodic Genius Blog Site


To generate this site, follow the instructions below:

  1. Install Hugo with these instructions.
  2. Clone this repository
    • user="carl-baldwin"
    • git clone --recursive ssh://$user@gerrit.cobaldwins.net:29418/episodicgenius
    • cd episodicgenius
    • git config --add gitreview.username "$user"
    • git review -s
  3. Build the site using hugo
    • hugo or hugo server --watch
  4. Publish the content out to your hosting provider:
    • ./publish
  5. You’re done!

To create new posts …

  • hugo new post/welcome-to-hugo.md


The following are links for references for working with Hugo and Markdown: