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Moved to Netlify

I have a weekend between jobs. I left my job yesterday and I’ll fly out to NYC to start a new one on Tuesday. As I leave, I’m realizing it was stifling my creativity. Now that I’m free, I feel it returning and I hope to post with a little more frequency.

With some time on my hands this weekend, I looked for a better way to host this site; you know more responsive, easier to manage, and all that. My friend over at Silicon Loons turned me on to netlify and I thought it looked like a pretty good way to go. It turned out to be super easy and I was able to use it to check another todo off my list: add https with Let’s Encrypt.

The highest hurdle I had to jump was my use of git [submodules] to bring in my theme from github. It would’ve worked if netlify cloned with –recursive but since they don’t, I had to work around it. I’m a fan of [submodules] but I know I’m in the minority. It wasn’t a big deal so I decided to use git subtree instead.

After that, everything was really easy. There really wasn’t much to it. Just a few changes to my git repo and some clicks through the UI to connect netlify with my blog’s source repo. Oh, and a new CNAME in DNS. Once it propogated, I was in business. The https certificate came literally with a click or two.