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Neutron Service Subnets

I’m just returning from the latest OpenStack Neutron mid-cycle in Rochestor, MN. It turned out to be great mid-cycle for me. I wanted to share a new idea that came out of it.

The Problem

One thing that has been on my mind for a while now is wasted IPv4 address space by Neutron. I guess I was waiting for someone else to bring the solution because I wasn’t personally feeling the pain yet but it is time to solve it once and for all.

An Address for Every Router

When using the L3 agent in Neutron, a tenant can create a virtual router and connect its default gateway to an “external” network. You can then allocate a floating IP address from the network and associate it with a VM on your private network to make it accessible externally. This is a common usage model with Neutron.

When this happens, the router gets a port and that port is assigned an IP address of its own from the external address. The address might be used to provide SNAT service for VMs that don’t have a floating IP but it might not. It depends on whether the ‘default-snat’ option is enabled and whether there are VMs that need it. The IP address is allocated regardless.

Another Address for Every Hypervisor Host (DVR)

If you use the distributed virtual router (DVR) option, then there is an additional way that IP addresses are wasted. Most people find this a bit more subtle and surprising. When DVR is in use, every hypervisor host in the cloud is allocated an IP address from the external address. These add up. What makes it worse is that these IP addresses are not, in any way, externally visible. Normal operation of the router does not produce or consume any traffic with this address. This is what makes it so surprising and disturbing.

For the first case, some operators would like to save the IP address by turn off SNAT without a floating IP. Others have asked if they could use private addresses so that they can run their own gateway box to do SNAT. In the second case, no one wants these addresses, ever.

The Fix

At lunch on Thursday, I was talking to a group of regular Neutron contributors about the problem and asked if we could just provide a way to distinguish some subnets from others and reserve them for a particular use. Neutron can tell if you’re asking for the IP address for a VM, a router port, a DVR gateway, or a floating IP (among others). What if we had a way to say “addresses from this subnet should only be used for DVR gateways?”

If we had such a thing, we could create that subnet with private addresses, size the subnet appropriately, and all of the dvr gateway ports would come out of the that subnet. Problem solved. Of course, we have to write the code but this is something that I think can get in to the Newton cycle.

The current plan is to add a service type field to the subnet. To start with, we’ll have two possible values other than the current default of null: dvr_gateway, and dvr_and_router_ports. The names aren’t written in stone. The choice between the two depends on if you want your routers to get public addresses for SNAT.

Any kind of port can get an address from a subnet without a specified service type. This fallback ensures that legacy behavior is always preserved and there are no surprises when you upgrade.

Let’s go get it done in the Newton cycle!